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If you live in Murieston or a neighbouring area, we would love your help in the garden. Just come along to any of the following volunteer sessions. We have tools you can use but prepare to get muddy! Wear old clothes, wellingtons or strong boots or shoes, and bring gardening gloves if you can. Children are very welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Volunteers moving sleepers into garden (Sept 2021)
Volunteers planting hedge saplings (Dec 2021)
Volunteers planting a tree for the Queen (Sept 2022)

We normally meet 2-4pm on the 1st Saturday of each month, the Sunday two weeks later, and the Wednesdays after each of those. For a few months we add an extra Saturday at the end of the month. Dates organised so far for the remainder of 2024 are below but we might end up with more as there is so much happening this year. We also advertise dates on the noticeboard at the entrance to the garden.

Once you have been to your first volunteer session, you can join the Facebook group Murieston Community Garden Volunteers to meet other volunteers and discuss next steps for garden maintenance and sowing.


Sat 1st, Sun 16th, Wed 19th, Sat 29th – all 2-4 pm


Sat 6th, Wed 10th, Sun 21st, Wed 24th – all 2-4 pm


Sat 3rd, Wed 7th, Sun 18th, Wed 21st, Sat 31st – all 2-4 pm


Sat 7th, Wed 11th, Sun 22nd, Wed 25th – all 2-4 pm


Sat 5th, Wed 9th, Sun 20th, Wed 23rd – all 2-4 pm


Sat 2nd, Wed 6th, Sun 17th, Wed 20th, Sat 30th – all 2-4 pm