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About Us

Who are we?

Murieston Community Garden is an Unincorporated Association started in 2021 when Murieston Community Council encouraged and assisted a small group of local residents who are enthusiastic amateur gardeners to form a community garden for use by local residents and community groups. West Lothian Council gave us permission to use half an acre of land next to Livingston South Station and Murieston Community Council helped obtain planning permission.

What are we doing?

We are making progress to turn the plot of rough ground into a beautiful relaxing community garden for use by the 6000 residents, local organisations and youth groups in Murieston (Livingston) and neighbouring areas and for those travelling through Livingston South Station. The garden will have two areas: a public front garden containing a sensory garden, pergola, seating, social hub, and disabled-friendly paths; and a private back garden to be used by volunteers for growing fruit and vegetables, which we plan to donate to a local community cafe. A major aim is to increase biodiversity and encourage wildlife, and we have had great success encouraging bees to the garden by sowing wild flowers. We are attempting to be self-sufficient without connection to a public water or power supply, which can be challenging.

Work started in 2021 and the back garden is now well progressed by volunteers. 11 raised beds have been built and are in good use for vegetable growing, a shipping container has been installed as a shed, wild flower seeds have been sown, around 500 hedging saplings, spring bulbs and climbers have been planted, and a noticeboard has been installed to help advertise local community activities.

We are now raising funds for professional building of the public front garden (to ensure health and safety standards are met) and greenhouses, improved water harvesting and distribution and composting, a playhouse as required in the planning permission, and seating in the back garden.

  • The ground in May 2021 before any work started

Our aims

The aims of Murieston Community Garden are:

  • To design, develop and maintain a community garden for use by residents of and visitors to Murieston, Livingston, West Lothian.
  • To provide a peaceful green space for any local resident.
  • To encourage gardeners at all stages of ability to improve their gardening skills (including planning, planting and maintenance of fruit, vegetables and flowers) and to share experiences and techniques to make gardening an enjoyable experience.
  • To give an opportunity for local people to have access to raised beds where they can use simple gardening skills to grow plants and vegetables.
  • To encourage the recovery of the environment and flourishing of local wildlife.
  • To provide an extra resource for local groups in the area, e.g., groups for the elderly or support groups for single-parent families or those with mental health issues.
  • To allow local schools and other junior groups under supervision a chance to include “the outside” in their curriculum.
  • To provide a facility for Members’ personal events, e.g., reunions, birthday parties and so forth.
  • To accommodate local organisations that might need a space for one-off events.

How we are run

Murieston Community Garden is run, built and maintained by volunteers. Members come from Livingston, West Lothian, particularly Murieston, but membership includes those further afield. The membership comprises all ages, female and male, and includes gardeners of all experience levels. We are always keen to hear from people who would like to be involved. Please contact us if you are interested.

Elected members serve on a co-ordinating Committee. The Committee is drawn from the membership and approved at the Annual General Meeting. Some aspects of the running of the garden may involve payment, such as exclusive use of raised beds by outside organisations, sale of produce, and use of the garden to host events. Meetings and any other agreed activities will be held as advertised on Facebook and/or by notifying volunteers by other means.

How we are funded

We are a not-for-profit community group supported by Murieston Community Council. We aim that the garden should be sustainable in the long term but we rely on grants and donations to complete the building work. You can donate here.